About the קופת השכונה

The “Community Fund” was founded about 20 years ago by the Mara D’sasra, Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Rosenthal shlit”a with the goal of assisting struggling families in our Community with basic needs.

At the onset of the Fund, the activities were done in the quietest way possible and far from the public eye.

With the blessed growth of our Community, and the many needs that have come about over the past years, the need for a larger system and continuous support became unavoidable. With the Rov’s bracha, it was decided to start “The Community Fund” that would be the address to help anyone in need.

The unique structure of the fund was created to meet the neighborhoods characteristics, based on mutual caring, uniting and connecting a diverse Community without limitations.

Over the last 2 years the Fund widened its activity by providing support and assistance to many needy families and widespread help for the Community.

The Fund partnered and encouraged additional initiatives that will help the Community in other areas, such as parental guidance for safety and financial planning.

What Do We Do?

Over the past few years, the Community Fund has been active and advancing in many ways to ensure that there would not be a family in our neighborhood that wouldn’t have the means to make Yom Tov, be forced to skip meals or face a reality of the electric or gas company disconnecting them.

As the neighborhood has grown and developed, so has the Fund.

The Fund is expanding its activities to meet the neighborhood’s needs, with many additional services:  accompanying families to receive subsidized assistance, rehabilitating, and helping with knowing how to utilize one’s benefits.

Social Worker:

In 2021, the fund recruited a clinical social worker. She guides the families in distress efficiently and professionally. In addition, she meets with the families regularly, and helps them achieve their goal to break out of the cycle of poverty while providing tools to enable them to manage financially without the Funds help.

Hot Meals:

The Community Fund distributed thousands of hot nutritious meals this past year, to families that needed it most.

Special Projects:

The Fund helped establish extra funding for specific cases. These projects are funded separately, and not part of the community’s budget.

Exercising Your Rights:

The Fund helped many families receive social benefits. Some of the benefits were one-time payouts, others for regular payments received monthly.

“Dress with Dignity”:

The Fund connected with the organization “Dress with Dignity”. The organization sells new upscale clothing for a very subsidized price. Tens of families have already been helped through this connection.

Materna and Food Distribution:

The Funds intimate relationship with the organization “Beezri”. Needy families were assisted by this program and received maternal giveaways for children up to a year old. The fund got help from other food distribution organizations, and sent out food and basic items for free, a few times a year.

רשימת חברי הוועד והגבאים

חברי הוועד

זאב‭ ‬ארץ, אלי‭ ‬בוקסבוים, חיים‭ ‬בן‭ ‬הראש, אביעד‭ ‬גולדוויכט, ישראל‭ ‬גלברד, אלקנה‭ ‬הולצר, שמואל‭ ‬הרמן, מנשה‭ ‬וייס, שלמה‭ ‬כץ, אריה‭ ‬לבלנק, יחיאל‭ ‬לופיאנסקי, אורי‭ ‬ליקר, נפתלי‭ ‬לרפלד, שמואל‭ ‬ניימאן, יהודה‭ ‬פוס, יוסף‭ ‬פרל, חיים‭ ‬פרנקל, מיכאל‭ ‬קירשנבאום, רפאל‭ ‬קליינמן, בנימין‭ ‬רוזנגרטן


אביעד‭ ‬גולדוויכט, ישראל‭ ‬גלברד, בנימין‭ ‬וולף, אלישיב וייל, זהר יעקב, שלמה‭ ‬כץ, דוד‭ ‬ליפאן, עזרא‭ ‬מילר, ישראל נדב, יצחק‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬סגל, משה‭ ‬פיין, דוד‭ ‬פינס, מיכאל‭ ‬קירשנבאום, בן‭ ‬ציון‭ ‬רובל, משה‭ ‬רובל, וואלבי רוז, בנימין‭ ‬רוזנגרטן

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